Link School welcomes pupils who have learning difficulties.

It was set up by a group of parents who were keen for their children to be taught in a small class setting and have every opportunity to grow and develop in a warm, caring and supportive environment.

The staff aim to provide the pupils with a quality education which meets their special educational needs. This will help them to become more independent, communicate with others more effectively, make good progress in their academic, social and personal goals and enjoy attending school.

We frequently celebrate our pupils’ progress and promote equality and acceptance of others by encouraging them to be kind, considerate and aware of the strengths of the other pupils.

The relationship between the school and the parents is crucial if we are to be successful. The staff are committed to working closely with parents and we welcome their involvement in their child’s education.

If you would like more information about the school then contact me and we can arrange a visit.

Mike Doherty

“We offer our pupils the knowledge and skills they need so that as they grow and develop they will be able to achieve their full potential and become active members of society to the best of their ability.”
Link School