School Day, Attendance And Withdrawal


The Link School operates from 9:00am to 2:45pm. The door opens at 8:55am and the first lesson starts at 9:00am. Pupils should be punctual in arriving school each day to minimise any interruption caused by arriving late. The number of days of late arrivals, early dismissal and days absent will be reflected in the school report. If your child is unwell, please inform the school before 8:45am.


From time to time parents may need to withdraw their child from school. If this is the case then parents must inform the teacher before the start of the school day that child will be leaving early. Withdrawals should be kept to a minimum as any absence will disrupt the continuity of the work that takes place in class. Parents should make arrangements for therapy support and other activities to take place after school is ended. On occasions parents may consider taking their child out of school during term time for family holidays. This should be avoided, if possible, or at least kept to a minimum.


When the time comes for parents to withdraw their child permanently then a letter giving the date of withdrawal should be sent to school. The school requires one month’s notice of a permanent withdrawal.

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