The Link School is an inclusive school where all our pupils' efforts are valued. The staff are proud of the school because we have worked hard to make it a happy, exciting and purposeful setting for our pupils. The pupils look forward to coming to school to learn and meet up with their friends.

We believe that all the experiences that the pupils encounter, from their arrival in the morning to the time when they leave each day presents us with teaching opportunities. These take place in and out of the classrooms and we have made a concerted effort to use the local community as an extended classroom. Learning also takes place in the daily routines of transition time, break and lunchtime and times of self-care during the day.

Our pupils may need more time and practise to better understand what is being taught and this is taken into account during the time when teachers plan the lessons. However, while maintaining a positive and friendly approach we also have high expectations for each of them. We are careful to be both supportive and at the same time present the lesson content in a way that challenges them. Building the pupils’ confidence and establishing a positive self-concept is an important part of the daily work in the classroom.

We know that pupils who are happy and relaxed at school are more focused during the lessons, learn better and are more inquisitive. We believe that the pupils will respond best when there is a clear structure to their day and they feel comfortable in their surroundings. The staff fully subscribes to interacting in a positive manner with each pupil and we take time during the week to celebrate their achievements and promote their well-being.

“We offer our pupils the knowledge and skills they need so that as they grow and develop they will be able to achieve their full potential and become active members of society to the best of their ability.”
Link School