The staff at the Link School have previously taught in a range of different school settings including kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and adult education centres. Collectively they have much to offer in the area of teaching children and young people who have special education needs. As a staff they work together to provide a suitable educational experience for the pupils.

They are registered as teachers with the Education Bureau in Hong Kong and each of them holds additional qualifications in Special Education.

Ms Feng, Chloe Li, Mike Doherty and Louisa Ng


Mike Doherty  Cert Ed., Adv. Dip. Ed., MA, MEd

Mike has over 35 years experience of teaching in both primary and secondary schools. He was the founding principal of the English Schools Foundation's Jockey Club Sarah Roe School from 1983 - 2008 and Family Partners School from 2011 - 2020. He was responsible for the day to day operation and overall management. He is a proactive leader and believes that all pupils can make significant progress epsecially when there is a positive ethos in the school and a good partnership between teachers and parents. He is a strong advocate for continuous improvement and raising standards.

Chloe Li  BBS (Management), PGDE (Special Education)

Chloe has experience in supporting pupils with various assets and abilities. She strongly believes that personal, social and emtoional factors to be equally as important as academic factors. Every child is special and unique and they should have opportunities to develop as a confident, self-sufficient inquirer.


Louisa Ng   BNS (Behavioural Neuroscience & Psychology), PGDE (Special Education)

Louisa believes in the importance of open communication with parents, which is fundamental to the pupils' learning. While teaching in Family Partners School, Louisa supported both pupils and parents through various difficulties and celebrated pupils' progress. 


Ms Feng

Ms Feng is our Education Assistant. She works alongside pupils providng a high level of support and encouragement. 

“We offer our pupils the knowledge and skills they need so that as they grow and develop they will be able to achieve their full potential and become active members of society to the best of their ability.”
Link School